Dr. Stefan Huber
Variant Stream
Screening of Organics in Natural and Technical Waters
LC-OCD-OND (Liquid Chromatography - Organic Carbon - Organic Nitrogen Detection)
Welcome to the homepage of DOC-LABOR Dr. Huber.

DOC-LABOR is an internationally operating service laboratory for the characterisation of Natural and water-soluble Synthetic Organic Matter and DOC
(”Dissolved Organic Carbon”) in natural and technical waters.

DOC-LABOR uses a proprietary technique for analysis, called LC-OCD (Liquid chromatography - Organic Carbon Detection), or, more specific, SEC-OCD-OND (Size-
Exclusion Chromatography - Organic Carbon Detection - Organic Nitrogen detection).

In addition, DOC-LABOR manufactures LC-OCD systems for international research institutes and water-related industries.

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